Release 1.6.1 - October 18, 2018

  • Compatibility with Fishbowl 18.10
  • Allow for multiple lines on new shipping addresses during checkout
  • Various Speed and Performance Enhancements
  • Support for Fishbowl Canada Date Locale Format
  • Addition of new setting called "Calculate Price by Cart" to improve site performance regarding pricing rules
    • This feature will only fetch pricing rules when items are added to the cart allowing listed product pages to display with higher performance
  • Release notes now available via a popup after login
Bug Fixes
  • Repaired line item delete action on cart page redirecting to home page
  • Fixed third and final tab on shipping settings table
  • Prevents invalid checkout button on failed order export
  • Decimal Quantities on Products that use uom 'ea' are rounded to integers. The rest can be a decimal quantity.
  • Fixed Issue with Syncing Payments