Compatible with all Fishbowl Versions through 2018.6
LilyPad Mobile Sales does not support Fishbowl versions beyond 18.6.
Please see LilyPad Vortex which supports recent versions of Fishbowl.

LilyPad Mobile Sales – the most popular Fishbowl Inventory add-on offers the greatest flexibility and functionality to maximize your Fishbowl investment.

Functionality... the ability to maximize the efforts of your Sales Team with the data and functionality they need – when they need it.

Flexibility... choose from our Standard Feature Sets, Advanced Features, or Premium functionality to configure the system to meet your needs.

Lilypad for Fishbowl

Standard License

Enterprise License

Number of Users
2 User Miminum
Unlimited Users
Create Sales Orders
Take Payments
Check Inventory
Display Order Status
Look up shipping rates
Enter data via scanner
Process Returns
Check Customer information
Create Customers
Charge Sales Tax
Use QuickLists developed in Fishbowl
Advanced Features
Choose from: Customer Portal, QuickShip, Override Capability, Inventory Move, Discounts, Signature Capture, Data Display Settings, QB Class Assignment, and many more!
Sold separately
5 Included
Premiums Features
Discounts, Company Logo Customer, Location Groups, Classes, Line Item Notes, Last Code on Sales Orders, and many more!
Sold separately
Sold separately

Advanced Features

  • Company Logo Add your Company Logo to the LMS site
  • Customer Login Have your LMS become a Portal for your customers to use to place orders, check order status, or check availability
  • Admin rights by user Allow certain users admin rights in LMS
  • QuickShip Have the ability to use the FB Quick Ship functionality in LMS
  • Product Trees Make your FB Product trees available in LMS
  • Signature Capture Get the customers signature on an order and store it in the Fishbowl record
  • Payment Requirement Assure that payment is made before order can be completed
  • Price Override Give your salespeople the right to override pricing in the field
  • Discounts Either line item or complete order
  • Hide Pricing Have the orders not show pricing
  • Show last cost on SO show the last valid cost for the item being sold
  • Hide Quantity Available Don’t allow sales or customers see exact amount of available inventory
  • Hide Credit Limit Toggle the ability to see Customers credit limit
  • Custom Shipping Chart Have a specific chart you use for calculating shipping rates? Bring it into LMS
  • Custom Ship To Change the Ship to address as necessary
  • Require Shipping Tag the orders as “must be shipped”
  • Move Inventory Need to have remote people move inventory from warehouse to sales location? Do it through LMS
  • Memo See the internal memos posted on the FB record
  • Line Item Notes Add line item notes to orders in the field
  • Location Groups Create orders for various location groups as required
  • Classes Transmit QB Class information thought LMS
  • Single Location Setting Limit the user to a single location group

Premium Features

  • Inventory Images Add the images from your Fishbowl file to your mobile sales process
  • Export Sales Order to CSV Export your sales orders to a platform agnostic format for entry into partner systems
  • Show Sales Orders from Fishbowl Create sales Orders on your desktop and review them on your mobile Device
  • Reports (SO Summary, PO History) Have Custom Fishbowl reports displayed on mobile devices
  • Language Add a second language (French or Spanish) to your mobile application
  • Managers View Allow specified users to see the administrator’s view of all activity
  • Transfer Orders Create Transfer Orders on your mobile device
  • Show Open Balance QuickBooks Show the current Open Receivables Balance for the customer on your mobile device
  • Show Estimates from Fishbowl Create estimates in Fishbowl that are displayed on your mobile device
  • Customer Alert Relay the Customer Alerts in Fishbowl to your mobile users
  • Email SO from Lilypad Email your Sales orders directly from your mobile device