Compatible with all Fishbowl Versions through 2020.02

Dispatch, Schedule, and Invoice Service Customers directly from your Fishbowl Inventory software.

With LilyPad Service Manager:

  • Schedule Service Appointments
  • Add Labor Charges, Inventory, and Time to Service Call
  • Accept Immediate Payments
  • Capture Approval Signatures
  • Create the Service Ticket automatically as a Fishbowl Sales Order

Your Remote technicians can:

  • See their schedule remotely
  • Pull up addresses, Service History, and Existing Equipment at site
  • Document Activities completed and Parts used
  • Schedule Follow-Up Calls
  • Accept Payments
  • Capture Approval Signatures
  • See inventory availability across locations

Easy-to-use features:

  • Drag and Drop Calendar Scheduling
  • Linked directly to Google Maps
  • Runs on Laptops, Tablets, or Phones
  • Integrates with Remote Printers
Your inventory system now has the capability to run your Service Business just as well as the rest of your operation.