QuickBooks Integration

Fishbowl Inventory has the ability to integrate with QuickBooks to give you the power of an accounting system paired with advanced inventory and manufacturing.

QuickBooks and Fishbowl Together

What Happens When I Start Using Fishbowl?

Most people that we work with are familiar with QuickBooks and have been using it for years as their accounting and inventory control software.  In time, though, those same people realize that they need more robust inventory control and/or manufacturing capabilities than what QuickBooks has to offer.  That’s where Fishbowl Inventory comes into play.

Fishbowl Inventory will become the daily order-entry system.  In other words, you will do your purchases, manufacturing (if applicable), inventory control, and sales through Fishbowl Inventory.  Then, as you complete your transactions, the financial information will transfer to QuickBooks where you will run your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and all other financial aspects of your business.

What if I Don’t Use QuickBooks?

Fishbowl Inventory can be used as standalone software, but our advice for those who aren’t using QuickBooks: get QuickBooks.  The integration (which is built into Fishbowl already) will make your life much simpler and will help keep your financials in order.

Fishbowl Inventory has the capability to send invoices and purchase orders to customers and vendors.  Keep in mind, though, that it doesn’t keep track of which invoices and purchase orders have been sent out.  Nor does it give you any kind of accounts payable or accounts receivable totals.  On top of that, your accountant will be much happier if the information is in QuickBooks, come tax time.

Feel free to comment below with your experiences.  Or, contact our offices with any questions you have.

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