Changing Units of Measure in Fishbowl Inventory

Units of Measure can be a tricky thing in Fishbowl Inventory, especially if you are trying to change them after your parts have already been loaded.  Here are a few things you need to be aware of when trying to change your Parts’ Units of Measure.

Unit of Measure

You May Need to Remove the Vendor Association

If your Vendor’s Units of Measure don’t match the Unit of Measure that you intend for your Part, Fishbowl Inventory will not allow it.  The vendor’s Unit of Measure must match the new Unit of Measure.  Alternatively, you can remove the Vendor associations, and then restore them after the change has been made.

You Must Remove the Part From Associated Bills of Materials

If your part is on a Bill of Materials, you cannot change the Unit of Measure for that part.  You will have to remove the part from any Bills of Materials that it is associated with, even if the Unit of Measure on the Bill of Materials matches your desired Part Unit of Measure.

The Part and Associated Products Cannot be on Any Open Orders

There’s no way around this.  If your part is on any open orders, or if an associated product is on any open orders, you cannot change the Unit of Measure of the part.  This includes Estimates and Bid Requests.  You will have to either remove the part from open orders or fulfill the orders to then be able to change the Unit of Measure.

You Cannot Change From Any Unit of Measure to “Each”

If you want to change your unit of measure to “Each”, you are out of luck.  The only way to change a Part’s Unit of Measure to “Each” is to inactivate the part, change the part number so that it can be reused, and then create a new part with the “Each” Unit of Measure.

The best course of action, as always, is to double-check that your Units of Measure are correct when you first upload them.  But, if it’s too late for that, follow the above steps to make the needed changes.

As always, leave a comment, or contact our offices with any feedback or questions.

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