How Fishbowl Helps With Manufacturing Inventory Management


Are you a Fishbowl Inventory user looking for a better way to manage your manufacturing inventory? If this best describes you, then you’ve come to the right place. With Lilypad, you’ll have much better enhancement options that will help you achieve true inventory control.

There’s no doubt that having more control over your inventory will help make your job easier. Today, we’ll talk about ways on how Fishbowl helps you better manage your inventory.

Fishbowl Allows You To Integrate With Quickbooks To Help Streamline Your Daily Functions

While Quickbooks is a great accounting option for small and midsize businesses, it doesn’t give a growing business all the tools it needs. With Fishbowl Manufacturing, you’ll be able to streamline your daily functions that include advanced inventory control and tracking. On top of this, your daily functions such as picking, receiving, shipping, and order entry are handled on Fishbowl Inventory.

This version of Fishbowl is split into modules that let you split your functions among people or departments. Each module interacts with another to help keep the company on track, improving accuracy and communication amongst groups.

For manufacturing, you can split each step up the production process into manageable bits that can be handled your way. You can even separate your raw goods asset value from your finished goods asset value. That way, you’ll be able to know how your money will be spent.

Fishbowl Is Easy To Use And Helps Reduce Human Errors

Fishbowl Inventory is easy to use and its user interface is easy to handle. You’ll also have the option to control the user interface so that you can make navigation even more user-friendly. This will allow you to meet your needs better. On top of that, the stages of manufacturing are easily handled and can be better seen by anyone with access.

Fishbowl Manufacturing also gives you the option to plugin with other programs like shipping, e-commerce, Fishbowl Go, time management, or Lilypad Mobile Warehouse. This will allow you to pass information automatically and improve efficiency all across the company. On top of that, it will help reduce human error.

Fishbowl Gives You The Power To Better Manage Multiple Locations

With Quickbooks, you have the capability to manage a single site. With that said, Quickbooks won’t be able to go beyond that. When you add Fishbowl Manufacturing to the mix, you’ll be able to manage more than one location.

When it comes to part tracking at more than one site, you’ll get more than you’ll ever need with Fishbowl. This makes a big difference when you compare that with just Quickbooks, where you’re more limited in that regard. With these options, you’ll help ensure that your business demands are met as your business grows.

Fishbowl Allows For More Shipping Capacities

As for shipping capacities with Quickbooks, you’re pretty limited when it comes to that. You also might not get every feature out of UPS Ready Shipping when you only go with Quickbooks.

When you go with Fishbowl, you’ll have every feature of UPS Ready already integrated to help meet your shipping needs. On top of that, you’ll also have the drop shipping option. There’s no doubt that Fishbowl will help better meet your needs than you would with Quickbooks or any other option.

Fishbowl Gives You More Options When Dealing With Work Or Manufacture Orders

When you’re dealing with work or manufacture orders, you’ll have more choices when you go with Fishbowl. Quickbooks is great when you’re dealing with assembly but not when dealing with other types of orders.

Fishbowl will help you handle that and then some. Disassembly and custom orders are also options that are supported when you go with Fishbowl. This will help you better meet your growing business demands.

Fishbowl Gives You The Option To Set Up Custom Tracking For Parts

Fishbowl Inventory also lets you set up custom tracking for parts. With just Quickbooks, you’ll only have Lot and Serial Numbers as your two tracking options.  Quickbooks with Fishbowl Manufacturing offer you that and more when getting to choose what tracking types you’re dealing with.

Here are the eight other options you’ll have with Quickbooks with Fishbowl.

  • Revision Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Text
  • Date
  • Money
  • Quantity
  • Count
  • Checkbox

After you’ve entered the Name and Abbreviation and picked the type, you can then activate that tracking for each part you want to track.

How Custom Tracking Works

Once you’ve brought new inventory into your Fishbowl Inventory database, you’ll need to assign tracking details. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to see the details. After that, you’ll also need to choose certain tracking details when you pick inventory for Manufacture Orders. Basically, the tracking details follow the part from its life cycle start until it leaves the system.

With all that said, tracking your parts will require more effort on your part, so be prepared for that. As always, feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about this.

Enhance Your Options And Meet Your Business Needs With Fishbowl Inventory

Our Lilypad products are made to help complement and improve the use of Fishbowl Inventory Software. It goes a long way in helping make the software even better than it already is.

With high-quality options like these, you’ll rest easy knowing that Lilypad will have solutions ready for you. Contact us today and let’s get to work for you.