Fishbowl Inventory Custom Tracking

Fishbowl Inventory gives you the ability to set up custom tracking on each of your parts.  For example, if you need to keep track of a Batch Number, or Creation Date for your parts, you can create custom tracking for your parts, and then add the information as your inventory comes into Fishbowl Inventory via Purchase Orders, Work Orders, etc.

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The Setup

The setup is fairly simple.  Just go into the Part Module, and then open the Module Options (click Tools->Module Options).  Once you’re in the Module Options, navigate to the “Tracking” tab.  You should see some tracking options that come with the database by default.  You can either edit the existing tracking options, or you can create a new one.

You will have eight options when choosing what type of tracking you’re dealing with:

  • Text
  • Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Serial Number
  • Money
  • Quantity
  • Count
  • Checkbox

Once you determine the type and have entered the Name and Abbreviation, you can then begin activating that tracking for all of the parts you want to track.

Activate Custom Tracking on Your Parts

After you have created your custom tracking options, you need to determine which of your parts you want to track by those options.  To turn the tracking on, open the part and navigate to the “Details” tab.  About halfway down the page, you will see the Tracking section.  You will click the checkbox to the left of the tracking option and then save your changes.  If you have inventory already on hand for that part, you will be prompted to enter the tracking information for that inventory before you can continue to the next activity.

How Custom Tracking Comes Into Play

As soon as you bring new inventory into your Fishbowl Inventory database, you will have to assign the tracking information (if your parts are tracked, that is).  Once the tracking information has been assigned, you will then be able to see that information in the Inventory Module.  You will also be required to choose specific tracking information when picking inventory for Sales Orders, Manufacture Orders, etc.  Essentially, the tracking information follows the part from the beginning of its life cycle in Fishbowl Inventory until it leaves the system.

Remember: if you decide to use custom tracking in your Fishbowl Inventory database, you are making a commitment.  Tracking your parts brings an extra layer of accountability, and therefore, it takes more effort on your part.  Some people go into it blindly, and then find that they become swamped with the extra effort that they are putting into their system.  If nothing else, be prepared for the extra time you will spend in Fishbowl.

As always, feel free to comment or contact our offices with any questions you have.

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