Don’t Let the Winds of Change Blow You Away

Company logo for Fishbowl Inventory Software
Company logo for Fishbowl Inventory Software

(UPDATE 2023: Fishbowl continues to grow and improve, and we have grown with them. Contact us to find the right solution to the most current Fishbowl release.)

Changes to Fishbowl Inventory

As we mentioned in our last Blog Post, Fishbowl Inventory is getting a major overhaul to its database.  These changes could make for some very large waves when it comes to integrated apps and custom reports.  Plus, there will be some new features that you might need help navigating.

Anchor Yourself to our Support

We want to provide you with the best customer service available in the industry.  So far, we think we’re doing a great job!  Therefore, to help you overcome the wind and the waves that are sure to come about with the Fishbowl changes, we offer a yearly support contract for all of the custom integrations we create for you.


  • We want to give you ample time to make sure your custom integrations are serving you well.  So, we give you a 90-day window for you to see your integrations in action before we ask that you sign up for the support that will be needed when those pesky winds blow.
  • We want to make sure you have an active support contract in place after those 90 days so we can assist with the issues to come.  Your support contract becomes your anchor to make sure that if you are blown about in the tempests, your downtime is minimal, and your boat doesn’t get swamped.
  • Help us reduce delays by keeping your support contract active.  It’s not fun to try to navigate the waters of paperwork while your boat is sinking!  The first lines of safety will be thrown to those who have an active support contract.  Please plan ahead!
  • While support contracts do not cover changes to the integrations that are caused by major Fishbowl upgrades, customers who have active support contracts, and who purchase the code upgrades, will be given first priority.

Calm Waters

These are all great reasons to have your anchor in place before you set sail.  With everything in place, we will quickly guide you back to safe waters, where you no longer need worry about distant storms.  And don’t worry: LilyPad Vortex and LilyPad Mobile Warehouse will be ready to help along the way.


Saying Farewell to 2016

As we come to the end of the year, it’s customary to look back a little. Sometimes it is hard to do in a business which is always looking forward.

However, when you get a chance, the things that stick out are the people. Although the products and places are important, it’s the people that make the difference.

Celebrating The Past

This year we celebrated our 10th year of partnership with Fishbowl. I remember vividly being at a Client and having them show us this software called Fishbowl which they had just bought. At the time, we were working with other software solutions and were impressed enough by what we saw to give them a call. They told us what a big company they were and we said the same. Both of us stretched the truth a bit. We went to partner training that April which Fishbowl had conveniently scheduled for the same time as the Brigham Young University and Utah Valley State College (now Utah Valley University) commencements, so the nearest hotel rooms were 50 miles away. First discovery: Utah has traffic. Second discovery: outstanding people and a great product.  A lot has changed since then but the basis of the relationship has never faltered – trust and respect. Thanks for 10 great years and many more.


Celebrating The Present

Another thing we celebrate is how cool our clients are. We have the most interesting people use our products and services.  It is amazing.  From day to day, week to week, we “work” for distributors and manufacturers who make and sell just about anything you can imagine, and some you can’t (believe me). Just getting to interact with all these people and their businesses, through Fishbowl Inventory Training, and other exciting interactions, makes this the greatest job in the world This year we learned about whoopee cushions, organic goat feed, custom 4-wheel drive vehicles, gluing guns, and wine bottles (empty, unfortunately) to name a few.  In blogs to come, we’ll introduce you to some of them.

Celebrating The Future


This year we also expanded in other ways, adding people and even a new office in sunny Florida. This is either to service our growing client base in the Southeast or to give us a respite from the Northern winters – you guess. Our team continues to grow with talented, committed teammates offering the best service and smarts in the business.

And of course, we have a new website with a blog which will remind us to share with you and thank you more often. That may turn out to be the best development of all of them.

LilyPad for Fishbowl – Premier Fishbowl Consultant and Marketplace Solution

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