Transferring Like a Pro in Fishbowl Inventory

transfer inventory at any scale with confidence
transfer inventory at any scale with confidence

When it comes to transferring your inventory in Fishbowl, you have multiple options, each with their own benefits.  Let’s explore!

Transfer Orders in Fishbowl Inventory

In the Transfer Order module, you have the option to choose what type of Transfer Order you want to create.  By default, your Transfer Orders will come up as “Ship”, but you can use the drop-down list to choose one of the other two types when you are first creating your order.  Here is a description of each of the types of Transfer Orders, and how they are most commonly used:

  1. Ship-type Transfer Orders.  A Ship-type Transfer Order will allow you to ship inventory from one Location or Location Group to another Location or Location Group.  Most commonly, these types of Transfer Orders are use to ship inventory from one of your warehouses to another.

When processing a Ship-type Transfer Order, you will go through the Picking, Shipping, and Receiving steps to pull your inventory from your shelves, ship it, and then receive it into the correct location at the destination.  This type of Transfer Order requires the most steps to complete, but it also provides you with the most documentation when all is said and done.

  1. Move-type Transfer Orders.  A Move-type Transfer Order is similar to the Ship-type, but instead of going through the shipping and receiving steps, you will complete the order in the Pick Module.

This type of Transfer Order is usually performed when you are moving inventory from one bin/shelf/area of your warehouse to another bin/shelf/area within the same warehouse.  Just be careful in the Picking Module, because once you finish the pick, the Transfer Order will be fulfilled…and there’s no turning back.

  1. Putaway-type Transfer Orders.  This is probably the least-used type of Transfer Order.  However, it can be one of the most useful, if used properly.  To complete a Putaway-type Transfer Order, you must have default locations set up for your parts.  Then, if your inventory has been received into a different location, you can use the Putaway Transfer Order to easily put your inventory into the default locations.

A Putaway Transfer Order works just like the Move-type Transfer Order, in that it does not have to go through the shipping and receiving steps to be completed.  Instead, the order will be completed as soon as you finish the Pick.

  1. Auto Putaway.  The Auto Putaway function allows you to move all inventory from a staging location into the default locations of each part.  That means that a default location must be assigned before this function will work.

To accomplish an Auto Putaway, you will choose a location where you have inventory stored, and then choose which Location Group you want to put your inventory into.  As you complete the Auto Putaway, each of the parts that were in the original location will be moved to their default locations.

  1. Auto Replenish.  This type of transfer is based on Reorder Levels.  If you have set up Reorder Levels for your parts, and you have done so for each of your Location Groups, you can create an Auto Replenish Transfer Order to move inventory from one of your Location Groups to replenish the inventory of a second Location Group.

This is especially helpful if you have a distribution warehouse that stocks storefronts or other locations.  You can keep your inventory located in the central distribution warehouse, and then create a simple Auto Replenish Transfer Order to restock the outlying locations.

Mobile Barcode Scanning in LilyPad Mobile Warehouse

Transferring with Mobile Scanners
Transferring with Mobile Scanners

If you are looking for a barcoding solution to help control your inventory, check out LilyPad Mobile Warehouse.

LilyPad is a Fishbowl add-on that allows you to scan do simple moves of your inventory by scanning the Part Number, the original Location of the inventory, and then the destination Location.  You can easily move the needed inventory into a new location with a few quick scans.  This can all be done on your phone, tablet, or all-in-one scanners.

If you like the traceability of Transfer Orders in Fishbowl, you can use LilyPad Mobile Warehouse to create Transfer Orders, which will then be entered automatically into Fishbowl.  This, too, is accomplished with a few easy barcode scans, which helps you streamline your transferring process, and move on to other important activities.

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