Multiple Currencies? How About Multiple Languages!

Fishbowl Inventory Gives you the Option to Use Multiple Currencies, which is helpful, but…what if you need to offer multiple languages to your customers, salespeople, or warehouse employees?


Multi-Lingual Warehouses.  Yes, It’s a Thing.

In our ever-changing world of culture and linguistics, it is becoming more important to have software that can speak the languages of our employees.  Although Fishbowl Inventory does not have the option to use any languages except English, LilyPad Mobile Warehouse gives you the option of using other languages in your warehouse operations.  Why does that matter?  Well, it helps to cut down on mistakes, while also giving your employees a better understanding of the software.

What if My Salespeople Speak a Different Language?

LilyPad Vortex gives you the option to use multiple languages in your sales platform.  This can be advantageous for your salespeople and for your customers.  LilyPad Vortex is a B2B sales platform that allows your salespeople and customers to log in and place orders that are then transferred directly to Fishbowl Inventory.  If there are language barriers when trying to place orders, they could make costly errors or even stop using it altogether.

If you don’t need a new language, but instead need to see different grammar within the site, LilyPad Vortex can be “translated” with your preferred words.  If you’d rather see “Service Order” instead of “Sales Order”, or if you need industry-specific terms, that’s not a problem in LilyPad Vortex.


If you, your salespeople, your warehouse employees, or your customers are struggling to understand Fishbowl Inventory because of a language barrier, take a look at LilyPad Mobile Warehouse and LilyPad Vortex.

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