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LilyPad for Fishbowl, a premier Fishbowl Go Alternative, offers Fishbowl users a number of enhancement options which are simple, effective, budget friendly, and fully supported.

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Fishbowl is a complicated system that requires a lot from its users. LilyPad can give you all the resources you need and more to get all the Fishbowl features your business deserves. We offer Fishbowl Implementation, Implementation Coaching, and Training to make sure you get your system up as fast as possible, and our enhancements are sure to give you the Inventory Management Solution you need.


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With LilyPad for Fishbowl, you can be sure you're getting the best possible bang for your buck. Fishbowl can be expensive, and LilyPad simply makes it better. Stop wasting your time and money using Fishbowl without the greatest Fishbowl add-on. Get Started with LilyPad today.

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